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Top Benefits Of OSHA Compliant Online Forklift Certification
4 months ago


Companies that make use of Powered Industrial Trucks, including the forklifts, needs to ensure that they have proper safety measures as the trucks can be hazardous to operators as well as pedestrians. Stats indicate that 20% of the forklift accidents have involved a pedestrian. Research also suggests that 1 in 10 forklifts is involved in a crash annually, and this prompted OSHA to ensure that there is training available for individuals operating the forklifts on safety standards. Every facility that makes use of forklifts is required to ensure that their operators are trained on safety standards, which covers the hazards of using the equipment. The employer is expected to provide a certificate that indicates that a given operator has completed the training. Any operator is also expected to seek re-certification after every three years or after an accident. An operator who has been observed to operate the forklift in an unsafe manner is also required to seek refresher training. In this article, we will determine the benefits of OSHA forklift certification solutions for your company.


The number one benefit that the certification brings to your business is the chance to enhance productivity. Any accidents that will occur during operations in your company will not only mean that there are injured employees, but it will also take your focus from the daily activities in the business. After an accident, one is worried about the wounded individuals or the damages caused, and the cost they will incur. It is thus a smart investment for any company to ensure that their operators are appropriately trained as this will reduce accidents and allow everyone to focus on enhancing productivity. Find the best osha free forklift training or visit OnlineForklift.com for more details.


Another reason why it is beneficial to seek OSHA certification for your forklift operators is the fact that such an investment will lead to decreased maintenance costs. The forklift repairs are expensive especially when they occur frequently and unplanned. Individuals with forklift safety certification understand the safety measures that help reduce accidents, and this works to save your company from the cost of repairing forklift and damaged products. Research by OSHA indicates that 61% of forklift operators performed well after the safety training.


You have the chance to reduce expenses in your company when you seek safety training. Companies providing worker's compensations insurance coverage will be keen to lower insurance premiums for your company when you can provide proof of operator safety training. You can read more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/11/is-your-small-business-ex_n_1664656.html.

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